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Welcome! Quick Things to Note: Affiliation
Welcome to Kingdom Hearts Press!

This is a daily-published fandom newsletter for Kindgom Hearts that seeks to unite fandom news on livejournal in one easy to find location. We strive to post material that is of interest to the fandom, such as general news, fanfiction, art (including fan art, icons, and other graphics) and discussion topics. As always, what keeps the fandom alive is the the members, so if you have any suggestions or tips, please notify the editors of it. Remember, the best way to get your work on this list is to send a the link in, either to our news notification post or e-mail (listed above). Don't be shy!

kh_presswatch is the information journal which we use to keep up with news posted on personal journals and communities on livejournal. If you would like us to add your journal or community to our friends lists or bookmarks, leave a comment on the main entry there.

This is a closed community. You do not have to be a member to read this newsletter. Click here to add this community to your friends list.
kh_press is not an elitist newsletter; we do not filter things out by quality.

Please be aware that links can only point to unlocked livejournal entries.

Please use proper headers! This applies to writing, art, icons, etc. kh_press operates under a strict header policy that requires the following items (please see our FAQ for more details):
 Title: This should be pretty obvious. At the least, an "untitled" will suffice.
  Canon: Kingdom Hearts I, Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II?
 Characters/Pairings: kh_press lists characters and pairings, and encourages people to be specific about which their piece focuses on. If you don't have pairings, please include the characters featured. For pairings, Name/Name or Name x Name is acceptable; initials are not.
  Rating: You may use whichever rating system you prefer. Fiction ratings and MPAA ratings both work fine. However, please be aware that a simple "work-safe" or "non work-safe" will not be accepted.

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