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30 March 2010 @ 23:11
News for Tuesday, March 30, 2010 / / Volume XXXV, Issue VIII  
- mallowmateys: Pan-fandom One Piece RPG

- kh_drabble Challenge [221]: CLOSED
- kh_drabble Challenge [222]: Historical AU

Searches and Offers
- starcrossed_sky is looking for Vanitas icons.
- ana_913 is looking for an Axel/Roxas fic.
- keptawake is looking for a Riku/Sora fic.

Birth by Sleep
thisisaudo: A Dork in Love 2/2 [Terra/Ventus; T]
flamilocks: Pizza 3.14 2/? [Axel/Roxas; PG-13; AU]
lynxgriffin: Islands Like Glass Towers 3/? [Sora's dad/Sora's mom; G–PG]
obabscribbler: The Sky and the Dawn and the Sun 67/? [KH/FFVII/FFVIII/FFXII/Disney; Cloud, Aerith, Zack; T]
Unspecified Canon
une_insomniaque: Temperance [Xaldin/Luxord; PG-13]
thisisthesmile: His Last Request 17/? [Axel/Roxas; PG-13; AU]
trilies: Forgotten Gift [Aeleus/Aerith; PG]
glittertorn: Seas too far to Reach [Axel/Roxas; PG-13; AU]
snarechan: By The Book [Demyx; K+]
ronsard: My Girlfriend, Who Lives In Canada 11/? [Axel/Roxas; T]
stellareclipses: Call of Duty: Oath [Cloud/Leon; T]
wishteria: Open Flame [Axel; G–PG]
lacunarity: So a Cowboy Walks Into a Bar [G; Sora]
careforpears: Neurasthenia [Naminé, Larxene; K]
spiffingly: Smile from a Veil 3/7 [Leon/Cloud; PG-13; AU]
cysfics: The Stranger [Axel/Xion; NC-17]

Chain of Memories
215 icons by cherrim
Multiple Games
133 icons by fade BBS spoilers
Unspecified Canon
38 icons by starfruits
4 icons by kiokushitakaa

chesauroshin: Night Drive: a Riku/Roxas FST
elsewhere_kels: The Space Between: a Riku/Sora podfic

Happy Birthday! (add yours?)
March 29: roaring
March 31: sakura_tsuji

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