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27 March 2010 @ 00:33
News for Wednesday, March 24, through Friday, March 26, 2010 / / Volume XXXV, Issue VII  
Kingdom Hearts
- not_cynical: And So Begins Our Dance [Leon, Yuffie, Sora, Cloud, Goofy, Donald, Phil; G]
- syvia: A Quire Bound with Heartstrings [Merlin; G]

Kingdom Hearts II
- darthvair_65: Calculus [Riku/Sora, Kairi; PG]

With FF7 and FF8: spiffingly: Smile from a Veil (1 & 2/7?) [Leon/Cloud, Raine, Laguna; PG-13]

Unspecified Canon
- lacunarity: Moonlight [Isa, Lea; PG]
- noiseandsound: Trick [Sora/Kairi; G]
- flamilocks: Mundane [Larxene/Demyx, Axel; PG]
- trilies: Little Hearts [Gambler/Samurai; PG]
- loveinstars: Live Like We're Dying [Cloud/Leon; PG-13]

Birth by Sleep
- arche: 21 icons

Multiple Games
- tumnus__: 40 icons [KHII, ReCoM, Days, BBS]

Unspecified Canon
- battlelust: 2 icons

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